samedi 30 novembre 2013

The good news and the bad news

Not much happening at the moment. It's a damp and cold day here today. It should be nice and sunny again tomorrow, so we're sitting tight waiting for then. No training and not going to climb indoors either.

Here's a couple of photos of Hardin climbing at Chouchou Place last Sunday:

The bad news: 
The infection in my root canal has returned with a vengeance. It probably explains why i'm so seriously tired these days. I had the confirmation from a new dentist yesterday (recommended by Marie-Jo). Tuesday next I should find out what he is going to do. He has said it needs to be taken out but there may be further complications and maybe another operation to clean it all out again.

The good news:
We asked our head for a year out. He said OK. So we're looking forward to some cool travelling and climbing next year. Brilliant! 20 years ago, we were on our last year out climbing in the USA.

Here's some photos from that trip:
Ascent of man, 7c+  1st redpoint, Virgen River Gorge in December, brrr!

Yaak attack, Red Rocks, also in December!

Marla's house at Smith Rocks, where we stayed for 3 weeks in September.

Elaine and TM Herbert at "The Pie Shop" in late October.

Sissy Traverse (8a) took quite a bit of effort and quite a few goes to do. Red Rocks.

Aggro Monkey (8a) 1st redpoint. Smith Rocks in September.

My favourite US crag, Jailhouse Rock. Not sure what the route is though.

Heading back to Portland from Red Rocks.

Buttermilks in November.

The legendary Smith Rocks.

A nice warm up at Red Rocks.

2 commentaires:

  1. Great news on the Year Out, not sure you will ever want to come back! Get the tooth sorted, I had a root canal done in Switzerland a few years back - £600 for a drilling and (temporary) filling - ouch on both accounts! But no problems since.

  2. Great news on the 'gap year' mates.
    Hope you get that tooth sorted youth, is this the same problem you were telling me about when we were over last year?
    Hope you're both well and can you send some sunshine this way la!
    Take care