dimanche 29 décembre 2013

I hate climbing at Christmas, it's so ....... cold! (said Elaine).

We had some superb days climbing at Jurassic Park and Cayenne, in early December. The weather was amazing and very mild and the crags were bone dry. It was nice to go out and feel our bodies moving, even though we didn't do anything new. It's always good to break in new shoes on stuff you know, too.

Kirstie and Hardin finished off a couple of their projects, Well done! Seb and Cathy ventured down from the cold, further north. It was really fun to see them again, after such a long time. Amazingly, Seb was still climbing in shorts when he sent Psychopat! Cathy was more sensibly dressed when she sent La Queue du Diable. Both 8a+'s dispatched very quickly by a mega pro team! Encore, well done!
Seb Hemmery showing Psychopat whose boss. Shorts at Jurassic Park in December!

Around the same time, I finally saw another dentist about my on-going saga with my root-canal. It has finally been taken out and (fingers crossed) the infection is finished. I've been feeling so much better ever since.

However, the day before the Christmas holidays started, the rain clouds rolled in and I also picked up a bad cold. Perfect timing for both!
Ashley Lewis on Viatge a Venus, 7a, at Montgrony. Photo by Rich Kirby.

We decided to go to Montgrony, just inside Spain. Rich Kirby had recently been and his photos looked ace. So, we were hooked. The first two days was very promising (even with a runny nose and constant coughing) with blue skies and plenty of sun. Then we had 3 days of rain and snow, accompanied with very cold temps, during which we were stuck inside the camper van. Still, we managed to cook a fab meal on Christmas Day. We managed one more day of sun, before giving up yesterday when it turned out cloudy and very cold again. We drove home through the rain. There are some great looking routes to go back there for, especially Gaia and Callabruix (Aromes de Montgrony looks fantastic but I can tell it also looks well gnarly!). Still, it was nice to do some climbing up to 7c.
Home made mince pies!

Christmas Day lunch washed down with champagne.
One of the best doss spots ever? Right under the crag in the sun and quiet too.

Back home and the sun is out. Artbloc tomorrow!

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  1. Haha, I need a camper van! And a camera, so I can start blogging about my trips!

  2. Nice one, get one soon and we can meet up! How was your trip to Siurana? Bon annee!