mardi 22 novembre 2016

Meeting up with Steady Eddie and The Sun Goddess again

As I write this, we're having a brief respite from a long period of heavy rain during the last 48 hours here in the south of France. It's forecast to continue raining up until the weekend.....

It's just as well that we made full use of the last couple of warm and dry weekends to do some climbing with our friends Eddie and Mandy Martinez from Britain. We met up at Courchon and the crag was in mint condition. This weekend we met up again and climbed at Jurassic Park and Cayenne (on Saturday) and St Cezaire on Sunday, all crags were more or less dry (though there were some damp holds in places). It was great to see them again after so long. It was also a chance to test my re-soled shoes (thanks Marie-Jo!).

Couldn't climb outside today, so had a great bouldering session downstairs. Unfortunately, the crags will probably start seeping now, shame but that's the way it is.....
Eddie and Mandy in the Verdon, 1997.

Eddie and Mandy arriving at Courchon.

Mandy warming up on Diplodocus, part 1, 6c.

Eddie on Cayenne, 7c+.

The girls warming up at St Cezaire.

Eddie trying Babo Babo at Courchon.

Elaine having a play on Cayenne.