mardi 5 novembre 2013

"Don't waste October"

Way back in July, as we were moaning about the hot temperature, Stevie said "There's always October, don't waste October". Usually it is a great month for getting some great climbing done as the temperature is prefect. 

Unfortunately this year it came and passed in a blur. It's just been a rather tricky period that has left us both really pretty tired out and we haven't been able to get much quality time on the rock. 

Here are some photos from Les Pistones secteur in the Gorges du Loup.
Nico Lesage warming up on a 6a

Fabien Bartez on a 7a+

A superb 7c

Nico on-sighting the classic 7a+ (version longue)  not long after finger surgery. Bravo gar!
We just returned from a week at St Leger, where I was hoping to settle the score on some unfinished routes. Unfortunately all the tufa routes at La Baleine were soaked. Never mind, they will still be there for another time.

Today, I accidently knocked off the handbrake whilst hoovering out the Cali, it rolled and hit the garage wall. As a result, the passenger door now needs a re-spray. Marvellous, bloody marvellous!

"De la houle, du grain (et des essais)" a really hard 7c that took me 2 whole days!!

A Spanish climber on "Le chant de baleine", a tricky 7c+ that spits you off right at the top at least once!

An old photo from 3 years ago showing "Le concierge et dans le parking", an ace 7c+

Tired, sore hands. That split skin in the joints is always so painful!

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