mardi 23 octobre 2012

I am basically pretty lazy. I have always tended to take easier options in life. Take, for example, the choice between getting flattened on the rugby field at school or going "cross country running" (and having a smoke) instead. There you go, easy decision, you can't blame me. My friend Snapper (alias Tim Hatch) made me complete one of BA's middle management questionnaires once (ok, we were waiting for the rain to stop, before getting out of the car, at Kilnsey c.1993). He concluded, that I was "very good at avoiding responsibility". A conclusion somewhat less surprising than (perhaps) the sun, having disappeared over the horizon tonight, meaning it will reappear again tomorrow! Still, the truth can sometimes be rather dis-arming to say the least.

A few years ago (as I headed way too quickly towards the big 5 0) I made a big effort to get fit. I was really chuffed to do some ace routes down here, that were comparable to stuff I did in the UK and Spain in '93. However, to go up a level proved (at the time) impossible. (The same happened in the UK in '94/'95 when I failed to complete either Cry Freedom or Bat Route.) I spent most of 2006 falling off either Soul Sacrifice or Souffle du Vizir. These 2 routes really killed my desire to spend a long time trying the same thing over and over again. The problem is, not only am I fundamentally lazy, but I also get bored very easily (how ironic is it that I'm a teacher and have to put up with little darlings who have problems with concentration?).

Anyway, to cut a long story short (even I'm getting bored by now!), Fatman and Robin went to Peillon last Thursday. Both of us had already redpointed "A bout du Souffle" (a fantastic soft-touch 8b, which is the 1st part of the 8b+ "Souffle du vizir"). I did it over 7 years ago and Robin did it earlier this year. We both had a couple of runs to remind ourselves of the moves and we did ok. The sticking point was the tufa, after the 2 finger pocket (already mentioned in a previous blog).

Souffle du Vizir will be my winter project again, though this time I'm not going to get obsessed. However, I have cut out the beer completely and I've been doing some sit ups. So, we'll see how quickly I get bored. At the moment the crag is really quiet, so I can't use the excuse of too many people trying the same start, and so on.... At least I'm not feeling lazy (though it is only October). Could this be "The Dark Knight Rises Again"?

Some photos of A bout du Souffle (which means "breathless") from last Thursday (taken by Robin's partner Ghislaine).

The weekend was spent climbing in the Gorges du Loup. Saturday: Deverse en haut falling off Godzilla and blowing the 7c+ with my hand on the finishing jug. Sunday: another mileage day at Jurassic Park

Crags are all bone dry, so we'll just have to go out again tomorrow after a morning at school. C'est belle la vie!

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