jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Francois Hollande et sa chemise. More adventures of Fatman and Robin.

Fatman and Robin made it out together today after a 2 week break. We met up at the parking spot for le Palais. Conditions weren't promising as there was way too much humidity and the cloud layer was very low. Still, we set off for Petit Palais as planned.

 Franco and Flaviano were already there. Flaviano was wearing a really bright orange shirt (chemise) and I mentioned that he was making a statement by wearing it. We discussed the possibility of an equivalent French word for "statement" and it seems there is no such word. I tried to explain it was rather like Francois Hollande stating that he would have a clean and straight government. So, Robin tried his best to get his head round this revelation, but in the end he said he couldn't really see the link between Francois Hollande and Flaviano's shirt! Erm, you had to be there really ....

We had a great day, despite poor conditions. Robin made short work of "Le Retour de Mo", a very powerful 7c/7c+ and I managed a 1st redpoint of "Quel trip te guette?", a fantastic 7c+ that I'd had my eye on for a couple of years. An early finish for 2 very happy crag rats.

Flaviano climbing "Ideal Pouf", 7b

Robin climbing "Le Retour de Mo", 7c/7c+
Chuffed to do the new 7c at Mesa Verde yesterday, too. Looking good for Cineplex this weekend.

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