lundi 24 septembre 2012

Fatman and Robin go to Cineplex and Deverse, Premier Etage

Cineplex and Gorges du Loup

Fatman and Robin made it to Cineplex and I even had success downloading some photos from my phone. 

  This is Robin climbing up the in-situ ladder to get to the upper secteur at Deverse.

 A section of the cliff: tufa paradise!
                      Fatman climbing America Oggi at Cineplex in Italy, taken by Axel.

We chose America Oggi because it had some really nice looking tufas low down. They proved quite straight forward as the climbing above was mainly on slopers. We were both spat off the slab, taking some great whippers in the process! Robin was successful on his 1st redpoint whilst I took to the air near the top and stripped the draws. We then did 21 Grammi, which suited us much better.

After a Wednesday afternoon at Jurassic Park with Elaine, doing some mileage (including the link up of Diplodocus and the finish of Queue du Diable again), Robin and I made it back to Cineplex. After I made good use of a kind Italian's draws on America Oggi, we both got stuck into a couple of 8a's that we'll have to go back for.......
 Marie-Jo on a 7a at La Phasme.
The Dream Team in action!

This weekend saw Elaine and me climbing in the Gorges du Loup with Marie-Jo and Julien (as we were not keen on the drive to Italy). Saturday at La Jungle and Sunday at La Phasme. Both days were great fun with lots of on-sighting and plenty of laughter too. Unfortunately, Elaine's finger is really hurting her these days. She goes to the specialist this Thursday, after which she'll probably be told to take a long rest. Hopefully, she'll be able to give me a belay at Cineplex next weekend!

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