dimanche 1 novembre 2015

Super Tango photo shoot and La Croix

Found an email in my junk mail from Roman Bayon with those photos of Super Tango at Deverse Satanique, here in the beautiful Gorges du Loup.
Awesome tufa action on Super Tango (8a+) here in Les Gorges du Loup (photo by Roman Bayon)

At the strenuous "rest" on Super Tango (photo by Roman Bayon)

Just spent a week at one of our favourite crags, La Croix in the Tarn et Garonne department. The climbs are very long (up to 50 metres), on fantastic tufas and the walk in is about a minute! The new Anaconda secteur offers more fingery and sunnier climbing which makes a nice change. We had fantastic, warm weather and the cliff was totally dry. Perfect!
Yannick on the superb "Anaconda" (8a) at La Croix

It was nice to settle the score on another of my Mesa Verde bogey routes before we left for La Croix, Petit Poucet has been added to the tick list (at last!). Back to work tomorrow....

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