jeudi 10 septembre 2015

La Rentree

Well it's business as usual now we're back home. Our year's sabbatical is finished but we've got so many wonderful memories. We're back at work but at least the Cali is getting fixed (it's been at the garage almost 2 weeks now and it's going to cost a lot!).

Being back home means we get to climb tufas again, yippee! We seem to have spent a lot of time climbing on fingery crags this summer, so it's nice to get back on bigger holds and on steeper routes.

We've been going to La Sanctuaire (which is a really nice cliff equipped by Guillaume Ciais in the Vesubie valley), Le Parcour de Sante (equipped by Alex Mege and Aurel Gelot up at Gourdon) and a secret spot somewhere along the CENSORED. Lots of great routes ticked up to 7c+ (including a possible 1st ascent of a 7c+ at La Sanctuaire, as Guillaume reckoned nobody had done his project).

Psyched for climbing locally at the moment as there's still lots to do. The only problem is Elaine's finger has started playing up again. She's going for another injection next Monday, so hopefully it'll be better soon and she can get cragging again.
Elaine climbing Shivas se regale, 7a at La Sanctuaire.

Pippa climbing Princesse 10 tetes, 6c+ at La Sanctuaire.

Jean-Luc climbing Les filles de Las Vegas, 7b+ at La Sanctuaire

Roman climbing Guere Sainte, 7b at La Sanctuaire

Amazing views in Les Alpes Maritimes

Hot Ruff at le Parcour de sante

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