samedi 27 septembre 2014

RIP Scamp

Whilst we were on Kalymnos our lovely Scamp died!

Since January we had known that she had a heart murmur and the vet said we might need to take it a bit easier with Scamp. In fact he went as far as to say that she may even have a heart attack at any moment or maybe not. We just assumed that she'd keep going at her usual max speed for several more years.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. We received the awful news on Kalymnos. We were absolutely devastated. However, it must have been equally upsetting for poor Caren who was looking after her and found her. 

Scamp was 2 months short of being 12 years old. She was always very stressed out by thunder storms, fireworks, hunters and anything noisy. Interestingly, she did die on the first day of this year's hunting season (i.e. 14th Sept). It appears that she had a heart attack and went peacefully in her sleep on our terrace. 

We picked up Scamp's ashes from the vets yesterday and walked up the hill behind our house. We spread them on "Smerl's Rock" (named after our 1st border collie Merlin) at the summit, which was one of her favourite places and has a beautiful view of the Gorges du Loup. She is now "scamping" in paradise.

Thank you Scamp for making us smile and laugh every day for so many years. We will miss you so much.
Scamp with her favourite toy

Scamp had her own chair!

Scamp (far left) with some of  her brothers and sisters at the farm.

Scamp was already used to playing in the snow at the farm.

Scamp on "Smerl's Rock" where we spread her ashes yesterday.

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  1. Touching the very soul of me.

  2. Yes Flow, she had that ability, she loved everybody and everybody loved her too. Yes Alex she was a real cutie :-)