mardi 20 mai 2014

Only 20 more gets ups!

It's a busy day today. I've been to the dentist for a check up (still no improvement with my paralyzed jaw after over 2 years), then I had to get the Control Technique (MOT) done on my van. This afternoon, I need to get 2 new tyres (as it failed the CT) and then I will be going to see Patrick, the kine (physiotherapist), who is nicely sorting out my stiff back. So, no chance of doing any climbing today.

I haven't been out with the Tuesday Club since before Easter. Most of them are now busy working and I've not been very motivated to climb locally. On a positive note, there are only 20 more times that I will have to get out of bed to go to work, before we go off on our travels.

So far, we are going to be visiting the following places during our 14 months off work:

Spain in Jul/Aug;
Kalymnos in Sept;
Iceland in Oct;
China in Nov/Dec;
Sicily in Jan;
skiing in Tignes in early Feb;
Misja Pec in Feb/Mar;
Spain for a few months.
Maybe, even look for a new place to live, as well.

Meanwhile, we have been ticking over at Jurassic Park, Cayenne and Mesa Verde. All the crags in Les Gorges du Loup are now dry and conditions are perfect. Last Sunday, it was nice to do something I hadn't done before. About 10 years ago, I had a brief look at a new 7b+ at Mesa Verde, called Ca va merder. I backed off it, because it was dirty and snappy. Now it is clean and provides great, tricky climbing. Nico did the Projet PHP/Arrowhead connection (a nice 7c). Elaine didn't climb as her finger was quite sore after working Cayenne on Saturday, but she took some nice photos:

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