mardi 4 février 2014

"It's raining again!"

January this year turned out to be a first, a first since moving here in 1999. This was the first year that we didn't climb outside in January. Not once. What's happening? I am sick of this flippin' rain. Enough is enough.

The winters used to be fantastic down here. The sky was always so much clearer than in summer and the weather would be very settled, after a period of heavy rain around the end of October. Usually, there wasn't any rain then until around the end of March.

All the local climbers down here would be out each weekend working and sending projects at Peillon Grotte and Castillon. Also, it was possible to climb at Deverse and even at Jurassic Park and Cayenne (which used to stay dry in winter) if you didn't mind the cold. Now, each year seems to be wetter than the previous one and the only sensible option seems to be climbing indoors. The good news is that we'll be in Liverpool for a session at The Climbing Hangar at the end of Feb! Something to look forward to...

Shame Elaine has aggravated her finger. She had been making great progress and getting steadily stronger down the wall. She has had a 2 week layoff and will try it out again tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

Meanwhile, we're still making plans for our year out. But, I'm not in the mood for writing anymore about our Wild West Tour at the moment. 

It is always great to hear from old friends. Andy Pollitt got in touch and we've been trading tales since the last time we were together a long, long time ago! I'm doing my best to get him to put on a pair of rock shoes again. Watch this space.
Trying hard downstairs in the cave last Sunday!

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